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Sep 20, 2010 3:05am EDT
about what happened to him. when chrispher alan brown was born in november, 1973, his mother, brenda, could not have been happier. was it love right away? >> oh, yeah. i just loved him with all my heart. >> brenda thought her baby looked especially good in yellow. >> he brought so much joy into my life. when alan was 1 brenda separated from his father and they later divorced. in 1978 she married an auto worker named harvey who says he was submmitten with her little . >> when i fell in love with her i fell in love with him. just as much my son and hers. i helped raise him and mold him into the little man we hoped he would become. >> alan excelled at school and sports. he loved pac man, fishing,nd listening to his favorite songs. both brenda and harvey had good jobs on the assembly line at general motors. alan had one little brother and another on the way. alan's father justin brown had also remarried to a woman named roslyn and they had two little girls >> these sort of blended families where the is divorce it's kind of complicated who gets to see the children when. >> i was going to
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Sep 18, 2010 10:00am EDT
be a victory for all taxpayers? hi, everyone, i'm brenda buttner, this is bulls and bears, let's get right to it. the bulls and bears this week, gary b smith, tobin smith. jonas max ferris, eric bolling along with strategist julian epstein. eric, big win for tea party and big win for extending all tax cuts? >> i hope so and i think so. i think we saw that with the big wins in delaware and paladino, i'm sorry, and christine o'donnell and i think the next day we saw 30 or 34 the number keeps growing, the democrats coming and saying, you know what, all bush tax credits not just some of them. i think that's good news because i think the economy needs the tax credits to go forward. if not, i think we maybe go back into another recession, maybe double dip. >> brenda: julian, there's a ground swell of opinions of tax cuts for everyone, basically the message of the tea party. is that going to change the polici policies. >> actually isn't. the gallup poll shows that the public sports the obama plan of extending tax cuts to 98% of americans and not the richest 2% and the economics of that are pretty
FOX News
Sep 25, 2010 10:00am EDT
worries mounting can america's economy afford to be waiting? i'm brenda buttner, this is bulls and bears. let's get to. bulls and bears, gary b smith, tobin smith. jonas max ferris, eric bolling and strategist keith murphy. eric, bottom line, can the economy afford the wait? >> no, brenda, why wait at all? right now, we need answers right now, we need solid tax structure and need to know where taxes are right now. that's why small businesses aren't hiring, they're not sure what's going on and what's going to happen in the future and they need these bush tax cuts to be extended right now, not later, not after we find out who wins the election. because the economy right now is at a very critical point. it could turn rnd an and get better, or you know, we risk another double dip recession which would be terrible, extend them now or all bets are off. >> and haven't business leaders and consumers been waiting long enough to find out to get rid of this uncertainty about their, about their tax future? >> well, i actually agree that double digi democrats should have taken action now. we need to
Sep 6, 2010 7:00am PDT
mes de la explosión que los dejara atrapados a 700 metros de profundidad. >> ya regresamos con brenda que nos va a explicar quñ es para los niños el día del trabajo, y tambiñn tomaremos llamadas de los niños en el estudio, ya regresamos no se vaya (música) guatemala la situación es bastante seria, se teme que hay más muertos por el exceso de lluvias, esto trae trastornos muy importantes para guatemala, además el desempleo sigue aumentando en los suburbios de amñrica latina, y ya que hablamos de la necesidad del trabajo, ya está con nosotros samuel rodríguez, quñ tal,. >> muy buenos días a todos, así es, espero que tenga lápiz y papel, porque en noticias y más le tenemos el tipo de cambio. >> argentina el dólar a 3 pesos con 8 centavos. >> chile 494 pesos con 85 centavos. >> venezuela 4 bolívares con 75 centavos. >> costa rica a 504 colones. >> en guatemala, el dólar se cotizó a 8 quetzales. >> en mñxico por el día de hoy el dólar se cotizó a 12 pesos con 39 centavos, esperemos que tengan un feliz día laboral. >> a producir mucho ¿verdad? que ahora es una be
Sep 20, 2010 2:50am EDT
because uncle sam is going to get his share. how you doing? >> you're looking mighty good. >> brenda says parks did something no one else had done -- listened to her and included her in the investigation. >> he started piecing it together, calling me, asking me about people, all this stuff that's been in here. >> detective parks began by digging into the little blue suitcase brenda had filled over the years with information about alan. >> she had amazingly a lot of stuff that really helped us in our case. >> parks said right away he agreed this was no accidental drowning. >> you're about river from the you were going to go fishing and you're a young, 11-year-old boy, the first thing you'd have took was your fishing pole. he didn't. >> i'll start with friday and we'll go from there. >> parks reviewed the case files. he constructed a timeline for the day alan disappeared, starting with the moment his step mom, rosalind, picked him up at his aunt's house. >> he was with his aunt the day that he was -- he disappeared. we talked to the aunt. she is very, very good. >> rosalind came to pick him
FOX News
Sep 4, 2010 11:30am EDT
and kill jobs in america. join us to discuss it and argue passionately about is it brenda buttner, charles payne, and brenda's favorite panel list jonas max ferris. >> i'm going to get in trouble. >> stuart: do the new plans kill jobs? >> what doesn't help, they'll help the pacifier movement. this is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard of. they have miles per gallon on every car i look at. why do i have to to have an "a," "b," "c," "d" or "e"? why do you have to buy a prius that has better gas mileage because i've got six kids and i'm a single mom and i have kids in car all the time. don't tell me this stuff. businesses don't know what to expect. do they have to list calories or get a grade on the miles per gallon? they won't hire if they don't know what ism coming down the line. >> i'm looking at the screen and trying to judge but facial expressions who thinks one. charles payne bouncing up and down with passion, what do you think? >> it's hard to go beyond what brenda said. it's disingenuous elitist crap if you want to know. the real deal, lettering on the cars, all it's doing is t
FOX News
Sep 4, 2010 10:30am EDT
allstars, brenda buttner, jonas ferris, and tobin smith and normally you would see them here on fox, bulls and bears, cavuto on business and forbes. and you'd see them, but this is labor day weekend, taxes, labor, employment, joblessness, very much in the news, we're live and that's what we're discussing today. cash for clunkers, a killer. wouldn't you agree, jonas max ferris. >> well, data if anything highlights. >> good try, stuart. >> how successful in juicing sales in a time when people didn't want a big ticket sales like a car. and the people were going to buy cars eventually and those sales declines we're seeing now, we took an advantage on future auto sales, which is what the point was to get people to buy during a recession. >> stuart: i hear some expleti expletive, tobin. >> it's about price and value discovery. when you give away money, you also, if you build mediocrity we've seen all over the world in other countries with these shenanigans and number two to your point, jonas, all you did, take sales in the future and advanced them to the front. tell me how this is stimulative. i
Sep 28, 2010 6:30pm PDT
, habla muy bien. . >> pero del dicho al hecho?. >> hay mucho trecho. >> brenda había decidido que decidió hacerse ciudadana luego de la ley de arizona. >> nos despedimos de brenda. >> agarramos carretera y después de recorrer muchas millas llegamos a esta iglesia de san mateo, conocemos a maría, irma y luís. >> estamos seguros que no es cuestión de fe, es cuestión de acción si jesucristo salió a luchar nosotros también estamos haciendo lo mismo. >> ustedes van casa por casa invitando que las personas los votantes se registren. >> tú estás a punto de romper un récord el día de hoy. >> 50 personas has invitado qué te dicen en cuáles son los principales miedos?. >> primer miedo la inseguridad de dar información, tienen miedo que le roben su identidad, el segundo miedo no saben por quién vat a votar. >> el tercer miedo no se quieren meter en problemas. >> cuál libertad?. >> si vamos siendo seguidos como criminales dónde se ve la libertad?. >> no es justo. >> las palabras de maría pérez se quedaron haciendo eco en esta iglesia y nuestra mente. >> unos están listos, otros i
Sep 30, 2010 4:30pm PDT
that residual was also effected, and this would create 1000 jobs. mission/brenda was wet. 5:00 a.m.-water main broke. because was probably a old pipes that started to leak on in the intersection. been and at 11:00 a.m., still a mess. >> and beachgoers on the safe bacteria of caramel coast. samples taken on tuesday with high levels of bacteria that could increase the potential of illness. an advisory has been posted on the beach and will be remain into affect until bacteria is back to a safe zone for a safe, recreational use. head lice are eastbound towards he worked. medium-headlights--\ ♪ >> in national news, the nation's capital are getting swamped with tropical storm nicole. southern maryland, metropolitan d.c. with trouble traveling. and with flooded streets, sidewalks in the downpour. in a newark city, city officials are urging residents to be careful-new york city. >> i would like to take a moment to exercise caution tomorrow encourage exercising caution, serious forecast with freeing heavy rain, and when of 60 mph on a normal day that could cause giant limb and trees to fall. with sev
Sep 5, 2010 12:00pm EDT
is dealing with the cost of just being a high school senior. >> reporter: single mom brenda brown is bracing for her daughter's senior year, not just the events, excitement and memorable moments but just what all that will cost. >> we just have to talk to her about what we can afford and try to give her a little bit of everything but you can't get everything. we have to pick and choose. >> you grow up really fast, you have to get a job. you have to do all this stuff just to be a senior. >> reporter: for seniors there is so much to choose from and save for. senior pictures, $350 package, graduation fees, the prom, homecoming, s.a.t. fees and prep courses and college application fees. >> homecoming and prom, that is hard to think about going to because you have to pay for them and they are very pricey. >> it came up to $1,700 and that doesn't include the car. >> reporter: and work. in addition to a full load of classes, marian is looking for a job. what can you do to make shelling out for senior year less painful? start saving and planning early. >> when you start saving in the ninth or tenth
FOX News
Sep 18, 2010 10:30am EDT
>> brenda: that's so pretty, toby, is that real. >> hang on, hang on. that's outstanding. >> brenda: all right. i tell you what, this splitter is more than gold, cavuto more on business, with our host, neil cavuto. >> i know everyone is still talking about christine, but have you heard the latest on this guy christy? welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto and christy o'donnell in delaware, but chris christy is insighting rage and lots of it in new jersey. talk about a tea party. all, but bagging the pension system and suspending their future cost of living adjustments, raising their retirement age and demanding they all kick in more to their pensions and their health care benefits promptly. no love for the gov from union leaders who argue christy is not tinkering with them. he's almost renaming them and now it's war in the garden is it state. and the new jersey governor himself tells me the fight is going to spread across the countries. >> if we had not taken direct steps, we would not meet payroll. new jersey is in a desperate situation and we are a preview for what the rest of the c
Sep 27, 2010 12:00pm EDT
is it that more than 30% of them give up breast feeding after only seven weeks? with us is brenda hyde with washington family mag scene. you've got some great guidelines. >> yes, and this is not an easy task but the main thing is to create a transition plan, and that will help you more than anything else. you make sure that you know what you're going do, you talk to your boss, let them know what the benefits are to the company, and they'll support you. >> and what are the benefits to the company? >> the baby is sick less, and you're happier. you're much happier. so a transition plan and talking to your boss, and then get a breast pump. get a really good one, one that's portable, that you can start freezing breast milk at least two weeks in advance of going back to work so that you know where you're going, you know what time you're going to breast feed. it's very important that it's on a schedule. your body, just like eating and sleeping, it does it on a schedule. >> and your boss needs to understand that. if it's a man, he may not understand that you need a place to go privately, on a
FOX News
Sep 19, 2010 4:00pm EDT
weight should a study like this hold? our senior visiting correspondent is here to explain it all. brenda, if it is not taxes or overregulation holding small businesses back and lack of demand, what should businesses do with this kind of information? >> well, i mean, it is pretty basic. if you look behind the headlines, if people can't sell their stuff they will not have as much money and it is a vicious cycle. if businesses are not selling they can't buy. and in fact, capital outlays investment is at a rate 2349 last six months. the lowest rate hit a 35-year low. that is the vicious cycle. what it all comes down to are why are people not buying? the economy, unemployment at near double-digit percentage points. very, very difficult. people can't afford to buy and they are saving more. it is something the government is not do -- doing. remember, this low demand comes even though the government has spent some $800 billion to try to get people to hire and to employ. so it really comes down to what is going on in washington. >> as you know, this past week the senate passed a small stimulus bi
FOX News
Sep 26, 2010 10:00am EDT
to do about it. brenda buttner breaks do it and what it means for home values. where do we go from here? >> jamie: stamlies trying to save -- families trying to save their home from foreclosure finding limited help from the government, not what they expected. according to the treasury department, more than half of homeowners who applied for administration mortgage relief program have been disqualified. joining me now, anchor of "bulls and bears" brenda buttner live in the new york city newsroom. the program sounded promising and some people benefitted. is it true many are not now? >> absolutely. especially when you consider what the goals of the program were. the $50 billion effort. the administration said initially it would help 4 million homeowners. refinance their home and escape foreclosure but instead, only short of 500,000 have been helped. 51% disqualified. it has been a disappointment. the administration says it continues to want to find ways to help homeowners but this hasn't been the answer. >> jamie: how difficult was it to qualify initially, and why are so many being disqual
FOX News
Sep 9, 2010 10:33am EDT
's talking about brenda arms, we introduced you to her earlier this week after she put signs up at her restaurant, that read: screaming children will not be tolerated. the two confronted each other, about three weeks ago, after she noticed the sign, which she thought was a joke. >> she said, i have an autistic child and you are singling them out and i said, autism is not a word that is on that sign, ma'am and she looked at me, and, she said, i can't even believe you take him in public, you must be the only one who does. >> and she believes what the woman is doing is down right illegal and violates the american with disabilities act. >> i think she needs to meet these kids and, i think she needs to have an opportunity to see that they are awesome, and, please don't shut them out. because they don't fit into the perfect little box everybody wants them in. >> reporter: it doesn't look like arms plans on doing that any time soon, since she says she different discriminate. >> i don't understand why she's offended at the sign to start with. just because, mother nature gave her an autistic ch
Sep 18, 2010 5:00am EDT
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Sep 10, 2010 8:00pm PDT
original space and brenda way, the guiding light of the company, has created a site specific piece called the architecture of light. >> and odc has been around for very long time. are they planning -- are they shaping their program differently? >> i think they will take advantage of the space and the other space that they created, the new space. i think that they will probably, again, this piece is site specific. in the missions. and that's an important factor, too. this dance is all over the city. >> with so overall what would you say the evening is going to be like? >> fantastic. i really do. i'm really looking forward to it all of these things i'm generally looking forward to. lip quake is coming. i love that. it's terrific. >> and the fact it's spread out all over the bay area. >> absolutely. yeah. right. >> you got one of the best jobs in the world. >> i do. i'm lucky. >> thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> listen online to david and the to do list. a special and find out more about arts events coming up this fall. you can also subscribe to our news letter and podcasts and share
Sep 8, 2010 7:00am EDT
love saying that. you, right there. what's your name? >> brenda lopez. >> come here, brenda lopez. brenda lopez, come here. come here. come here. and they told you not to wear the shades on your head. see? see? this is jonathan. >> hi, brenda. >> this is erica. we have a deal for you. >> okay. >> i think we have -- oh. a little something over there that we are -- we're working on. we have some envelopes, i believe. because we need to work on -- >> yes. i've got a "let's maybe a deal" envelope right here. >> right there. >> inside this envelope, this is your deal. inside this envelope you can trust me, when i tell you, that i something spectacular in this envelope. >> i hate to interrupt. she might rather want the gold envelope. i mean -- >> oh! oh, now we're upping the ante. >> it is a gold envelope. gold is a precious metal. mr. t doesn't wear gold for nothing. >> i pity the fool that goes with gold. you have to determine if you want what's inside here, you can listen to whatever's inside here, maybe see it. you know we give away good things or it could be a zonk. or you can go w
Sep 15, 2010 11:00pm EDT
and no nutritional value. >> reporter: because mom was right again when she said you what are you eat. i'm brenda flanagan. fox news. >> the news keeps coming tonight. here's brian bolter now with the news edge at 11:00. >>> the news edge will begin in maryland tonight. promises of sex on the internet leading to a cold blooded murder. today judgment day for the convicted killer and we're getting a look at the trail of evidence that's putting him away. fox 5's roz plater in the newsroom now with more. >> prosecutors say the shooter left behind plenty of clues, cell phone records, dna in the victim's car, surveillance footage and on his home computer picks of had himself posing with his gun -- pictures of himself posing with his gun. this is taken from a middle school camera about 1:30 in the morning october 21st, 2008. prosecutors say the shooter and his cousin were on their way to meet a 40-year-old temple hills man they encountered on a chat line. >> essentially the arrangement was for some kind of apparently sexually liaison to take place in the victim's vehicle. >> reporter: using a cell phon
Sep 17, 2010 11:00pm EDT
-- brenda butner. >>> here's brian bolter now with the news edge at 11:00. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. >>> 911, we need 911. a shooting. >> okay. >> 911. >> miss, calm down. has anybody been shot or were you shot? >> chaotic calls to police after a man opened fire inside johns hopkins hospital. police say paul pardus shot dr. david cohen before killing his mother and himself. the doctor survived and tonight meanwhile investigators are looking for what may have motivated thursday's shooting. fox 5's wisdom martin live in the newsroom to start things off. >> tonight for the first time we're hearing from the people inside the building when those shots were fired. they described what was happening in the hall as they locked themselves in their room. just 24 hours after a triple shooting at johns hopkins hospital people are still coming to grips with what happened. >> at johns hopkins they're shooting in the hallway. we're on the eighth floor. >> hello, i'm on the eighth floor. >> reporter: these are just released emergency calls from nurses and patients on the eighth floor of the nelso
Sep 11, 2010 1:35am EDT
them. >> the biggest issue is that this is a very hard job. >> brenda sprague heads up passport services for the state department the state needs to do better, but points out they will process 14 million passports this year, and while more document examiners are needed, the biggest problem of all is that the state department does not have the authority to access state and local databases to verify information. >> each of the states has their own rules and ways of safeguarding data. >> senator ben cardin introduced legislation to give the state department the tools it needs. >> my legislation would allow the office to have immediate access to verify whether to verify the driving records, the license, whether the birth certificate, whether these are legitimate documents. >> if you can get a passport with fraudulent documents, that's a security gap that needs to be closed. >> and the state department is getting a bit better in catching want fraud. the gao conducted a similar investigation in 2009; and back then, the state department didn't catch any of the fraudulent applications.
Sep 13, 2010 12:00pm EDT
important and how to do it. with us to explain is brenda hyde the publisher of washington family magazine. why is it important to do this? >> it shows your child you care and the importance of education and helps you meet the teacher and find out what the classroom situation is like in case there are problems. >> could it help prevent problems from happening if that teacher knows you? >> oh, obviously. if you know someone you are better at talking to them and you can understand what your child says when they come home and complain about the teacher. maybe they are having a problem in the class. >> maybe you know that i don't think that is true about your teacher because i know your teacher. how do you build a positive relationship? >> meet the teacher as soon as possible. don't wait for the open house. try to get in and see the teacher as soon as you can. volunteer in the classroom. be there. know what is going on. share your talents. >> right. if you say i can videotape or stuff like that? help out on field trips a generally keep in touch. >> very good. i know you have a lot of great ide
FOX News
Sep 5, 2010 7:00pm EDT
next for the economy. and the markets, here is brenda buttner with the details. julie, buyers were working well ahead of the labor day holiday. the broad market up nearly 4% for the week, it's the best of any and the dow back in the black for a year after nearly a 3% gain. all of this after an ice gold bump on wall street, no hot august nights there. yes, september, one to remember even though it's often the worst month of the year in the street and the stock market started it with plus signs and even the labor market continues to work the liens and the u.s. payroll fell for a third straight month in august and it's not all bad. the loss of 54,,000 nonfarm jobs half of what was expected and private hiring, the kind that counts and the private sector lawyers added nearly 70,000 jobs, but keep in mind that 14.9 million americans are still jobless. the unemployment rate up to 9.6%. in august, makes it 16 straight months above 9%, that's the longest in about a quarter century. one bright spot about the rise in the rates and more people are actually optimistic enough to jump back into t
FOX News
Sep 5, 2010 4:00pm EDT
to talk about it business correspondent, brenda butner. the president seems to be focusing on a sliver of the picture but the overall picture is detailed by the unemployment numbers which rose to 9.6% and the underemployed. that is staggering 18.6%. the president remarks, this is positive. we're doing okay. do the statistics, the sheer numbers belie that optimism? >> you are very smart because you do look at the underemployment number, the number of people that would like to be working full time and not part time and very high number. it's been up there for quite some time. there is something positive about the fact we went from 9.35 to 9.6% unemployment, that is finally some people are saying, you know what, i'm actually going to start looking for a job again. what happens is these statistics can be very confusing, but if more people jump into the job market, sometimes the unemployment rate can go higher. you are right. look 15 million people are still unemployed. it's been six -- 16 straight months we've been above 9% unemployment. the president promised if we use the stimulus money
FOX News
Sep 26, 2010 4:00pm EDT
. could all those temporary jo bs be something else? joining us, brenda butner. so every single holiday we see employment goes up because people get short term jobs. is this the same thing all over again or potentially could holiday hiring season is a sign that confidence may be bouncing back. >> we'll take any positive at this point. 2008 was the low for retail sales and for retailers. last year they went up 30%. it looks like by some estimates, they think it could be even a stronger year. we've seen year over year retailers have increased hiring by 65%. it could be, you know, it can be a strong year. the thing is you have to be cautious. it looks like retailers will wait until the last minute to hire people. it could be well into ma december. you make a very good point. these are temporary workers and depends on demand. people are saving more. they are unemployed. it really have to wait until the season is almost over until we have a real sense of what kind of hiring was done. >> julie: they are waiting for the last minute to hire when i imagine the whole point is to lure in customers, g
FOX News
Sep 19, 2010 10:00am EDT
will literally pay more. brenda buttner anchor of "bulls and bears" is joining us. now you have our attention with the introduction. everybody will pay this report says. tell us more. >> yes, absolutely. what a wake-up call to politicians. absolutely! because everyone is focussing on the wealthy. but, in fact, if these tax cuts expire, the working poor, the middle class, the high earners, everybody gets a tax hike starting next year, so these numbers are very telling. married people would face the marriage penalty elimination. the people with children, the child tax credit goes from $1,000 to $500. investors would face issues on dividends. so it's very, very broad swath of people. it's very, very high stakes for those in washington. >> jamie: let me stop you there for a second. we want people to invest in the market but we'll take away the current capital gains rate and charge more for that. you have want to build weth and leave it for your kids. this is the year it was most beneficial. we may never see it again. how do we allow people to accumulate wealth? in particular, another result came
FOX News
Sep 12, 2010 7:00pm EDT
to the wild ride and fox senior business correspondent brenda buttners has the latest. >> wall street hasn't been much of a battle ground of late. the bulls in command with the dow up seven out of the last eight days a the first week a real september surprise with the best start to the month in more than six decades. but if the past is any guide. get ready for torrid trading and september is the most volatile month historically in the last few weeks, the peak of wild moves up and down. expect big swings day-to-day and even within a trading day. why? not much volume or number of trades until no yet, it's back to work now for traders, and options on wall strees so-called fear gauge or the vix has been a big trade, meang investors are tting a jump sharply and mr. enit i to move the markets. reports on retail sales, on weekly jobless claims, on the prices we pay and on consumer confidence. and wall street has to watch washington, too. mid determine elections years, especially with a chance for chge in power in congress are big battles. this year, of intense interest t investors as the parties
FOX News
Sep 25, 2010 10:30am EDT
have to say there's nothing new. >> brenda: i wish they were as effective on the auto line. there we go. >> . >> neil: fox on top. >> union strong arming over the top. united auto workers threatening to pull hundreds of millions from jp morgan from bank accounts and keeping people in michigan. keeping people in homes they can't afford, isn't that what got us in the huge mess in the first place. hello, i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. to benstein, adam, the taxes getting stronger and tougher every week, what's up with that. >> there was a dictator in argentina named juan peron and he had a system peronism which was dictatorial. i'm not saying that obama is dictatorial, but a strong arming government along with unions to control the rest of the country and what we're seeing here is a kind of beginning of peronism where the government works with the unions to try to circumvent the law of contract which is by the way circumventing the confusion and trying to control the country by sheer force of numbers and force of fear and there's a very, very dangerous situation. >> it is a dangerou
Sep 28, 2010 7:00am PDT
de las cámaras, vamos a ndarlos ganadores >>> bueno, vamos a ver la llamada 10 fue brenda mendoza, felicidades ahí la esperamos se ha ganado 4 boletos. la segunda llamada de jorge hernández de redwood city, nos encantará que pasen por ahí a saludar nos y poderlos conocer, las llamadas listos porque mañan tenemos más pases familiares. ya se ahorra 40 dólares. . >>> los ganadores que están ahorita llamando van recoger sus boletos en la caseta en los terrenos de la feria, nosotros les vamos a hablar para dejarles saber pero no tienen que venir a la estación por los pases. >>> la gente todavía estimado debe llamando agradecemos el apoyo a este programa importante este apoyo, 7: 57 plenos de noticias en méxic un alud acaba todo frn cerro hasta 300 viviendas en el estado de oaxaca el presidente calderón visitará la zona afectada este medio día, tambié en el sureste, tabasco severos daño tras el paso de matthew en chiapas continúan aumentando los muertos, por allá. vamos a ver cuál es la condición del clima, y carretera mucho calor gloria con los detalles. >>> así es
Sep 7, 2010 4:25am EDT
americans are reflexing on exactly whether they did and how the economy played a part. fox's brenda flannigan explains. >>> we went camping. >> we decided to stay home. >> reporter: what did do you of americans, summer is prime vacation time being time to get away from it all for a few days or longer. but for more and more people, a vacation trip is just a dream. >> she went to florida this year but i couldn't because i didn't have enough money and it was expensive to get into all the parks and everything. >> reporter: more and more people blame the economy for cutting down on their vacation plans. >> this is an issue that will not go away even if you are on vacation. what we are seeing though is the types of activities that people take part in during the summer are those that don't cost a whole lot. >> reporter: according to a new rasmussen poll, the top vacation activities are those that are free. 69% of americans said they read books this summer. 06% watched fireworks and 59% spent time playing cards or board games. >> maybe it is not something you do every single day but being p
FOX News
Sep 5, 2010 10:00am EDT
than their homes are worth, and, that starts tuesday. brenda buttner is thoes e host bulls & bears on fox business and fox news, it remind me where we were, when we had to bail out this banks, so many loans were made for more than houses were worth and is this deja vu. >> it could be. the obama administration has tried to do this before and the efforts, quite frankly, failed. i mean, there are so many people out there, who continue to basically make payments on their loans, even though the amount they owe is so much more than what their homes are worth. they are good people, trying to make their home loans, but, in five years, when they go from interest-only, say, to much bigger payments on their homes, there is going to be a huge problem. the obama administration is trying to do something about it. but, it tried to do something about it before, and, this basically only affects those loans that are held by investment banks, by people who invested in these kinds of, you know, upside-down loans. >> let me explain, they are called under water loans and this is a startling statistic, 2
FOX News
Sep 12, 2010 4:00pm EDT
correspondent brenda butner. he says that u nemployment miss be met with tax cuts. ms you probably heard, house minority leader john boehner he wants to dog for all americans and extending rates would he create jobs. my question to you , if the democrats have their way, what happens to the business owners that are making what he consider wealthy cla $250,000 or more? >> mostf them are small businesses which are the big hirers in our economy. basically, their income rates would go to pre-2001 levels. from 33% to 36 to 39%.ig torhat is big jump forhem. but the issue that they are at the center of this debate and there is so much uncertainty about what is it going to happen to them. if you are a small business owner, will you going to hire someone if you haveo idea of the tax rated is going to be up next year? that is the real question. >> julie: congressman boehner appeared on face the nation. he says republicans are willing o toote for -i want you t listen to this. >> as the only oion i have,o those taxme of reductions, i'll vote for them. but i've been making tfohe point for months that we need
Sep 7, 2010 7:00am EDT
americans are reflecting on exactly what they did and how the economy played a part. brenda flanagan has more. >> we went camping. >> we decided to stay home. >> reporter: so what did you do this summer? for most americans summer is prime vacation time. time to get away from it for a few days or longer. but for more and more people, a vacation is just a dream. >> she went to florida this year but i couldn't because i didn't have enough money and it was expensive to get into the parks. >> reporter: more and more people blame the economy for cutting down vacation plans. >> this is an issue that will not go away even if you are on vacation. what we are seeing is the types of activities that people take part in during the summer, they are those that don't cost a whole lot. >> reporter: according to a poll, the top vacation industries are those that are free. 69% of americans said they read books. 60% watched fireworks and 59% spent playing cards or board games. >> maybe it's not something you do every single day but being part of the 4th of july or after a baseball game fireworks display is
FOX News
Sep 19, 2010 11:00pm EDT
to brenda and your family. god bless you. have a great time. have some fun out there. >> well, thanks a lot. i'm looking forward to it. i hope everybody out there and your tv land will vote or follow me on twitter. kurt13warner. i'm going to need a lot of help. i'm not great at the dancing thing. i appreciate all your support and everybody else out there that will support me along the way. >> mike: we're going to sure do it, kurt. kurt warner, thank you very much for being a part of our show today. [ applause ] >> mike: friday was constitution day. the constitution was signed 223 years ago. actress and activist janine turner helped thousands of students learn more about today and its meaning. she joins us next with the winner of her >> mike: well, she is on a mission to challenge and inspire students to learn the constitution. and has been spending the past few months educating herself in that cause by running a contest that promotes learning and creativity. on friday, she was in philadelphia to celebrate constitution day by announcing the winners. please welcome back to the show, janine tu
Sep 2, 2010 6:00pm PDT
girl brenda could get a particular tonight. >> i had to admit something. do you know how many time i saw 90210? >> how many? >> zero. i'll watch tonight. is it on?
Sep 9, 2010 6:00am EDT
of screaming kids, brenda put up the sign and then put her money where her mouth was. some parents say they feel victimized and that brings us to your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked do you think it's fair to force parents to leave a restaurant if their child becomes loud or unruley? >> joe in pasadena writes if the restaurant advertises itself as a family restaurant there should not be a restriction but if it recognizes itself as a formal or semi formal atmosphere, adults or children should be asked to leave. >> one writes i think it's common sense and good maners to remove a fussy child from a restaurant or bank or store. i once left a cart of merchandise in a kmart so i could take my fussy one home. the store saved my cart so i could come back later. >> chuck e. cheese for screaming, whiney hyper active children. if i'm paying my hard-earned money the last thing i want is to hear some whiney fwrat. we'll post more of your answers on our website at >> i think it makes sense. we ask tony to excuse himself all the time, don't we
Sep 8, 2010 5:00pm EDT
. >> reporter: brenda is tired of hearing her customers complain about screaming kids while they're trying to dine. she put up these signs inside and out. >> it has brought us in more customer than it has ever kept away. >> reporter: gary gibson is a first time customer. >> having grandchildren, going into restaurants with them, not very enjoyable when you hear a bunch of kids screaming. it is nice to see a sign like that. >> reporter: but these parents from west virginia don't think the signs are so nice. >> i've never seen a restaurant say don't bring your screaming kids in here. you cannot help if your kid screams. >> reporter: but arms certainly thinks you can. that's why she confronted them during the interview with them. >> it is not fair that i ask you if you're at my table. >> i would not even come in a restaurant. >> i understand. >> reporter: it was then the baby started to cry. the question was whether that would be tolerated in the restaurant. >> i mean, he cries like that. other kids cry. >> that's a crying baby. that's a screaming child. >> reporter: regardless, they ask if y
Sep 23, 2010 9:00am EDT
. we have brenda from brooklyn park on the phone. she has a 12-year-old jack russell terrier dog, what is the problem? >> i can't get rid of the worms with him. he eats grass, and i can't get rid of them. his heartworm pills says that should take care it have. >> how old is the jack? >> 12 and a half. >> okay. then you are right. heartworm medication doesn't always control all the internal worms. what up to do is make sure every three to six months, you are really worming this animal aggressively. take him to your vet and have him professionally world. in addition, it is important to remember most of the worm eggs will die out in the environment in the wintertime. in february or march, after a cold women and lots of frozen ground, those eggs and the worm eggs should all be dead. that is another good time to make sure you worm your pet. that will break the cycle in the environment. do you live out in the country? are there a lot of wild animals around? >> no but we have a rat problem in this area. >> rats don't usually carry worms. but fox and raccoons and deer do. i would urge you, bec
Sep 15, 2010 10:00pm EDT
thing that can give them a boost. fox's brenda flanagan has more on brain fur foods. power foods. >> reporter: well, feed your brain. ♪ don't know much about history, don't know much biology ♪ >> reporter: eat right and get smart is what dietician katherine brooking says. >> who can focus on math or science when you're starving. >> reporter: remember when your mom told you carrots are good for your eyes and milk builds strong bones and i bet she also said fish is brain food is. that true? >> absolutely. eating certain foods can help you concentrate and boost your focus while you're in school. >> reporter: feed them the right stuff like omega 3 fatty acids. >> they're basically the heart healthy oils that are found most commonly in fish like hallly but. >> reporter: a fish, mom -- like halibut. >> reporter: a fish, mom was right. can't send fish to school. >> usually doesn't work that way. >> reporter: but what does work is eggs, cheese, even bread containing the omega three's. make your kids an omelet for breakfast. okay, lunchtime. katherine pushes protein like the peanut b
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